>> Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Every stage with Tommy was been ultimately rewarding, but lately he has been sooo cuddly and lovable that I just want time to freeze so I can enjoy every last bit before he grows up. Tommy loves to give kisses, and it’s only fair to him to kiss his mama and papa too. Multiple kisses for me and multiple kisses for Jared.   He makes a “pop” sound with his lips and it makes me so happy. He loves holding hands, usually one hand with mama and one with Papa. This week he started saying prayers all by himself. He kneels on the bed, closes his eyes and makes his best concentration face (although you can tell he’s still peeking a bit haha) and mumbles a little prayer to himself. It’s really the best thing. J He loves singing and when I sing to him, we play a game where he finishes the phrase or line of the song.   


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