Things I found under my car seat..

>> Wednesday, March 16, 2011

  • a bamboo floor sample
  • a tomato
  • my apartment keys
  • a bill
  • business cards
  • gum
very random.. glad I checked under there. I thought I lost my keys and would be locked out of my apartment. Glad the tomato's ok too.
So.. what's new? Well I've been working so I haven't had much time to blog. I started working as a newborn photographer for a hospital in Phoenix. Different from my actual photography business, but fun! I enjoy seeing all the the new babes. I also have a an interview or a landscape designer position which is what I really want so we'll see what happens. I'd hate to quit on the photography job since I've only been working there two weeks. So we put it an offer on a house and we think it might be a good offer. It's currently AWC-I which means the bank is still open to other offers but it might discourage Realtors from showing it (hopefully). I'm already dreaming of designing my front/back yard and expanding my vegetable garden, and decorating the inside, and redoing the kitchen. Let's hope everything works out. 

I need to take more pictures of what I've been wearing. It's funny- I'm a photographer but don't take any pics of me. Bad Aimee. 


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