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>> Wednesday, March 2, 2011

We all know that eating healthy changes the way you feel, look, and pretty much prevents A LOT of illnesses and diseases. I'm not gonna lie- I love chocolate! I don't think I could ever live without it. Even though I have to limit/eliminate a lot of foods, that's something I could never give up. But once in a while doesn't hurt. Anyways, while on my quest to change the way I eat (it's really more of a lifestyle change than a diet) I've come to realize just how expensive it do is to eat healthy- let alone organic. For this, I'm attempting to do two things-

1. Grow my own food: VERY difficult to by the way if you have a patio that gets NO sun throughout the day. But hey! I have some cherry tomatoes who are fighters and want to live. My green & chile peppers are growing, strawberries returning from the dead, and onions sprouting up from their little pots.

2. Buy local vegetables from Bountiful Baskets
I highly recommend finding a similar co-op in your area. This one is available in 10 states, including AZ. It's great cause it encourages you to cook whatever's in season and whatever's in your basket. Only downside right now is I can't get up early enough to pick my order up. Jared works till midnight and my sleep schedule is all whacko.

I came across a photography project by Jonathan Blaustein. In his chronicle, he depicts through simple photos what you can get nowadays with a dollar.

Like this double cheeseburger

versus these 10 blueberries

Kind of makes you think doesn't it? What are we eating/feeding our families? Is cost and convenience really winning us over?

This project inspires me to do my own version of the project in the (near?) future. What do you think?
Check out the rest of his project here

By the way..We're putting an offer on a house! Whoo hoo! Let's hope this one's a winner.


Melissa: Write it in Lipstick March 4, 2011 at 7:28 AM  

it's so true. In these days you buy what's cheaper.

Lily March 18, 2011 at 3:53 PM  

Oh this project is truly inspiring! Such a great idea and beautiful shots... :)


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