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>> Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Things today that caught my eye:

(image from fanpop.com)
I'm currently growing my hair out. I would love it if it looked like this at the end. My face actually looks good with bangs.
This image is lovely too:

(via pinterest.com)

Doesn't Rachel McAdams make a convincing second guess to having long hair?

This picture makes me want to go back to Europe. (sigh) and this time spend more time in the non-touristy places. and take waay more pictures than the first time.
(from peoniesforme.tumblr.com via pinterest)

If only I looked good in stripes. Isn't this outfit the cutest?

(found here)

One out of the two banks has accepted our house offer. yay!! Now we're waiting for the second (the owners have two house loans) I can't wait to start decorating our future house. In the meantime, this image is very inspiring. So simple.

(from re-nest.com)

Happy Wednesday!


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