>> Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My goodness! I am so bad at blogging..So many things happening around here but so little time to update. I'll have to post loads of pictures.

I started working-full-time as a project designer for a Landscape Architecture firm (yay check that off my list!). My mother-in-law watches Tommy mostly but now that summer is here, my mom and sisters help out. Tommy is adjusting for the most part. The first week was rough on both of us. He refused to eat and cried all the time if I wasn't around him. I cried with him every time I left.  But now he takes bottles and although he cries a bit when I leave, he stops when he's distracted by other things or people.

Work is good. A lot of work and a bit stressful at times. I love being a mom and i know that it is my main role to raise awesome and good people (the world certainly needs more of them), but  is it strange/selfish to say that for the first time in a long time, I feel like I'm contributing a bit more to the world?

We'll see how long working lasts though. I get days when I think to myself "what are you doing Aimee when you could be home with your adorable baby boy". Hopefully though my family and I can be more financially stable and I can eventually stay home if I want to (or when I have another baby).


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