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>> Friday, October 7, 2011

Saw this on a couple of blogs so I've decided to do my own take of the abc's of me:

Age: 24. I feel so old!

Bedsize: Queen. works for me although Jared wants a King.
Chores that you hate: dishes! I do them only because I have to. Even though I like to buy paper plates from time to time ;)
Dogs: Happy and Mimi- my family's chihuahuas. Jared and I want a french bulldog one day.
Essential start to your day: shower! It makes a big difference in how I feel the rest of the day. I've never been the shower-the-night-before kind of girl. Also, I need to make prayer my absolute essential part of my day. One of my goals
Favorite color: a specific teal/turquoise color. Although I love all "nature" colors (blues, greens, browns, whites)
Gold or Silver: I prefer gold, although I like that my wedding rings are white gold.
Height: 5'-4"

Instruments you play: I play piano and someday I will learn to play guitar
Job title: newborn photographer
Kids: anxiously waiting for God to send us a little one 

Live: live happy :)
Mother's Name: Leticia, a.k.a. Lety, mami, mom 
Nicknames: I've never really had a nickname. Parents call me "Aimita" sometimes, but it's usually accompanied by "ay Aimita" lol.  I had a friend nickname me Aims once. Jared calls me Babe.
Overnight hospital stays: When I had my arthroscopy (shoulder surgery) a year ago exactly. 
Pet peeves: Bad grammar, especially when people say "I didn't do nothing". Also, loud chewing noises.
Quote from a movie or tv show: "Put it in a bubble and blow it away"
Right or Lefty: Righty
Siblings: 3 younger sisters. 
Time you wake up: 7:15ish sometimes 8 if I'm really tired.
Underwear: yes..
Vegetable you hate: radishes
What makes you run late: when I've misplaced things I need for the day (keys, badge, etc.)
X-Rays You've Had: foot when I broke it, finger when I sprained it, shoulder, knee when I sprained it, neck/back at chiropractor, teeth at dentist. 
Yummy food you make: I make some good food! some of my favs: teriyaki chicken, Mexican rice, mole, Hawaiian pulled pork
Zoo Animal: Not technically from the zoo, but I love the dolphins at Sea World (it's technically a marine zoo right)


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