My Dear Baby Boy.....

>> Friday, August 31, 2012

My sweet baby boy,

For ten months I carried you in my belly, wondering what you would look like- what features you'd get from me, what features from your daddy. As I felt you inside of me, I could not wait for the day in which we would get to meet you, and I'd get to introduce myself as your mother. And now as I hold you in my arms (and type-your mom's quite the multi-tasker), I could not have imagined a more perfect little face and body. From your head full of glossy black hair, your long eyelashes, beautiful eyes, all the way to your cute feet and toes- you're everything I ever dreamed about and more! I love the way your stare at me when I talk to you as if paying close attention to everything I say. Your sneezes, always in multiples, always crack me up. I love the way you cuddle in my arms and your daddy's arms- it's as if you were always meant to fit there.

God has put his trust in me to take care of you while in this mortal like, and I am so so grateful that you chose me and your daddy to be your parents and to be part of our eternal family. Please be patient with me! I'm still learning and will undoubtedly make mistakes. But one thing I can promise you for sure- I will always love you, no matter what. Welcome to our family my little Tommy.


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