The one time I "went back to work"

>> Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A few weeks ago, I saw a job posting and I applied. It was for a residential landscape design company and I figured it wouldn't hurt to see what the position was about. I went for the interview, they promised super flexible hours, a car, and a phone and I thought this is it! I could go back to work and work from home so Tommy wouldn't miss me so much. I got hired and was super excited! Double income, debt-free here we come right? You know that saying "don't count your chickens before they're hatched"? Yeah.. I really should start doing that.

I started day one of training. We basically drove around the east side of town all day in a truck, meeting up with potential clients at their homes. My trainer, the owner of the company, was super nice and I learned a lot in only one day and made me realize I've GOT TO study up some of my plants a bit more. Use it or lose it.. Anyway, the owner warned me that hours were sometimes long, lonely, and that I'd have to get used to eating lunch in parking lots and going to the bathroom in public places (I didn't tell him I have a slight phobia to peeing in public toilets). Training would take about 3 weeks of driving around with him and hours would basically be 8-6, 9-5 with long Saturdays sometimes as well. So much for flexible hours. I came home with no sales, sunburned, and tired to a husband and a baby I missed very much. Luckily Jared had the week off so I didn't even have to worry about taking Tommy to a babysitter.

The next day, after sleeping on it (or not sleeping rather), I called and quit. Thanks but no thanks. Am I ready to go back to work? um.. yes? but no.. At least not if the job really isn't worth it. I love being a mom first. But I also love landscape architecture and it is one of my goals to work in a firm one day, even if it is part time.  It'll be a challenge to juggle so many things but I'd really like to try.

Being a woman/mother is hard :(
How do you personally handle working and being a mom? I know not too many people read this blog (if any) but I'd really like to hear your advice!


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