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>> Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer has officially started, even though here in Arizona it feels like summer way before the good ol' summer solstice. Here are some of the images (via Pinterest) that really captures what Summer is to me and why I love it so much. Yes it's hot and being outside makes you want to melt into a big puddle. And yes, you secretly wish you could run around naked. But I love it. This is why:

Swimming... hanging out by the pool. Especially now that I have a pool :) I reaaally need a tan.

Eating (and drinking) lots and lots of fruit! I love that all my favorites are in season- strawberries and melons, and mangoes yum! Doesn't the above recipe look delicious? I'll have to make it soon.

Summer makes me think of summer vacations- especially when there's a beach involved. My parents are teachers so every summer they'd have off and we got to go on lots of family vacations. It's kind of funny but I didn't realize it until I got married that not everyone has the whole summer off. People still gotta work (unfortunately that means Jared and I too) to pay the rent! sigh. But hey, we might plan a mini vacation to the beach for our anniversary! :)

I will be living in bermuda shorts. I can't stand wearing long pants in the summer. Hate the sweaty leg feeling.

Although I'm not even close to ready for bathing suit season, these bathing suits are super cute!

Lots of color, lots of sun! and a cute hat!

and finally, summer's for celebrating birthdays (sister, bro and sis in laws, nephew, and mine) and anniversaries (my parents and mine)!


Melissa: Write it in Lipstick July 1, 2011 at 2:50 AM  

hahahaha it is 90 degrees here and I think that's hot I forget how hot it gets in AZ.

I need to make those fruit bars YUM-O

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